In our LSW / LCSW Prep classes for NASW-PA, Sue Dietrich talks about creating and using flashcards to help master medical and behavioral health terminology, developmental theories, diagnoses, medications, defense mechanisms, and any other information that is hard to remember. Here is a shot of her talking about a sample.flashcard.

— John Weaver. Founding Partner

EYE OF THE STORM (EOTS) staff members offer practical training programs and problem-solving solutions for today's workers who find themselves practicing their professions or trades in the midst of an increasingly chaotic world. We provide a wide variety of mental health consultation and education services to business and industry, schools, colleges and other educational institutions, government agencies, human service organizations, professional associations, media outlets, and the members of the community at large.  We specialize in offering disaster mental health and crisis intervention programs and services.

Our Logo

Our logo features our initials on a red and black storm warning flag with a hurricane symbol as the "O" in EOTS. Think of us a a calm center in the midst of chaos.

Our Web Site

First posted in 1995, these pages (plus the bibliography and selected links to other websites) provide lots of information about DMH concepts including: typical victim reactions to traumatic events; psychological first aid; disaster preparedness; self-care for relief workers; spirituality; and tips on working with sudden loss of loved ones, including a handout for the survivors.  Much of the original information offered in the site was summarized from John Weaver's 1995 book, Disasters: Mental Health Interventions.  Along with the factual information, there is a pitch to help recruit more volunteer relief workers for ARC and some tips on how to do it.

In addition to the DMH and disaster preparedness content, this website contains material on a few non-disaster topics including:e

  • encouraging volunteer opportunities for mental health consumers (an interest that led to my first book, The Untapped Resource);

  • counselor education (the subject of my third book (Days in the Lives of Counselors);

  • social work careers and licensure: and

  • clinical practice documentation and supervision (with downloadable documents and forms we discuss in some of our courses).

Our Mission

We want to continue receiving comments like these:

Very well organized.

Engaging speakers.

I’m glad I came – the program was well worth the time and money.

Couldn’t possibly have been better.  Bravo!!

Best session I’ve ever attended.

We would be happy to put a program together for you and your staff.  Please keep us in mind and give us a call (or send us an e-mail request) the next time you need consultation and education services.  Our Staff Directory with contact information is on the next page followed by a page with some of our Training Topics and a page of Upcoming Events that are open to the public.

John Weaver, LCSW, founding partner of EYE OF THE STORM, Inc.

John Weaver, LCSW, founding partner of EYE OF THE STORM, Inc.